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Beyond selecting a daycare facility for your pets, it is important for each pet owner to know all required information beforehand. A pet remains with us for only a few hours during the day, following or preceding which it becomes the owner’s responsibility.

Considering this, we have done some research in the internet and come up with a series of resources that are useful for pet owners with regard to various aspects of housing and raising a pet. We present to you some of these in this post.

Dog Lovers Towel

Dog Lovers Towel is a blog catered towards dog owners and lovers. The blog covers in detail tips on grooming and maintenance, in addition to articles specifically meant for adopted dogs and the various challenges associated with raising them. We tend to use this blog a lot when we plan daily activities for the dogs in our facility.

City Kitty Grooming

Adrienne Kawamura is one of those rare species – a feline groomer. While dog grooming is the talk of the town these days, Adrienne caters to cat owners and offers advice on grooming. While her primary service is a business, she creates great content in addition.

The Pet Blog Lady

One of the internet’s most loved online community, Pet Blog Lady writes stories about famous pets (yeah, that’s actually a thing) and their daily lives. Her content focus on specific problems faced by pet owners, such as raising blind dogs and poisonous food items for specific breeds, and delves into great detail.