These 4 psychological traits of dogs will help you whilst training them

train dog puppy - These 4 psychological traits of dogs will help you whilst training them

As professional dog sitters, we have to often stoop down to the intellectual level of our canine friends. We have to exhibit empathy, which is when you shift your perspective to that of your audience and learn to feel what they feel. Pet care is not simply about making them respond to your orders.

Dogs often respond to our emotional state. Psychologists who have studied the species say that dogs get excited, nervous or agitated depending on the emotional state that humans exhibit. And the famed canine loyalty that we talk about only gets enforced if we behave accordingly. Loyalty cannot be enforced by fear, by through love and positive discipline.

Let us do a quick tutorial wherein we analyze the complexity, or lack thereof, behind canine psychology. If you make a small effort, you can easily deduce what your dog is feeling at any point of time.

facetoface - These 4 psychological traits of dogs will help you whilst training them

Inability to process complex emotions

Humans go through multiple states of emotions. We experience joy, anguish, anger, pride, jealousy, delirium and so on. Some of the emotions, such as pride and guilt, are considered complex emotions. Dogs don’t process complex emotions. This means that if your dog puts up a “sad face” after it has seemingly broken a house rule, it is not eh feeling of guilt that is being displayed, rather a nervoud reaction towards you expression.

Learning by observing

Dogs are masters at learning through observing. If you have an older, well-trained dog in your household and you buy or adopt an infant pup, the pup would automatically observe the veteran in the household and learn. This makes your house training much more straightforward and rapid.

Does tough love work?

Tough love is something that we often employ in circumstances to get desirable results. With dogs, humans often have the desire to be considered the definitive alphas. Hence the approach of tough love. There is a type of training termed as dominance training, often employed to accelerate house training. It might be difficult to digest this, but such short cuts rarely work.

traindog - These 4 psychological traits of dogs will help you whilst training them

Time to learn

It is vital to understand that dogs need time to learn. As intellectually superior beings with the power of discrimination, even humans have a longer learning curve when it comes to assimilating information. It is expected in that case that dogs don’t just get automatically trained. The vitality of patience can never be underestimated.

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3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

dogsitter - 3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

A city like New York City is a great place to start a business. The median salary is among the highest in the United States, save for San Francisco. Disposable income levels are high, and people like to spend significant amounts.

To start a business in a place like NYC, it is important to recognize the key need / problem facing people here. And that is a critical lack of time. Time is the main inhibitor that forces a lot of people to make difficult choices in life. It is the reason why people who are willing to lend their time to help our fellow New Yorkers often enjoy lucrative and profitable businesses.

Key examples of these include babysitting and elderly care services. Family is often secondary to work in NYC. Yet another such lucrative business opportunity is pet sitting. While people don’t have the luxury of time, they do like having pets. Most states in the country have ownership rates of up to 70% per capita.

Those of you who enjoy spare time during working hours and have a generic love towards animals can easily set up an establishment that offers pet care services. Then the question becomes, what does it take to start your own pet sitting service? As an expert in this industry for over 25 years, we would like to offer a small piece of our mind.

sit train - 3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

The right training

Professional pet sitting involves training. Though the right training, you get an idea of how to train, feed and take care of pets, especially when there are injuries involved. Your clients demand that you are trained appropriately. At Woof Pet Sitting, we offer this training to you over a 3-day period, priced affordably.

The first client

The first client is always the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur. That moment when you don’t have any credibility in terms of experience, you need to get out of your comfort zone to convince someone to take a leap of faith with you. While word-of-mouth marketing is often the best way, social media plays a major role.

nmetality - 3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

The mentality

At the end of the day, mentality is key. Pet sitting is a tedious task, and not as fun as others make it to be. You need to have immense levels of patience. Cuteness can only be so appealing. Beyond that, you need to enforce discipline, everything while demanding loyalty from pets.

If we have managed to irk your interest, get in touch with us. You can find our contact address here. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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Trouble training your pup? These 4 tricks of the trade may just help you

puppy - Trouble training your pup? These 4 tricks of the trade may just help you

Training a pet at a young age is often the most dreaded and frustrating activity for any owner. It is only then that you get angry and disappointed with your cute little pet on a frequent basis. Often, you need to engage help to go through this period of time.

There isn’t really a right and wrong to training. Certain tactics work with the majority of cases, and hence are recommended by experts. While we cannot guarantee that they would work in your specific case, you don’t stand to lose anything by trying. We review in this post a few proven training tactics when it comes to dogs.

Condition yourself mentally

If you have had a dog for a while, you know that it knows and recognizes all types of your emotional and mental state. When you get excited or agitated, your dog responds in an according manner. When it comes to training, have a standard mental state that your dog can easily recognize and react accordingly. Dogs possess high degree of intelligence.

train - Trouble training your pup? These 4 tricks of the trade may just help you

Command training

It is important to understand the psychological behavior of your dog. Treats are manufacturer specifically to attract the attention of dogs. They have shown to react enthusiastically and positively when a treat is in the picture. When you train your dog to react to commands, say like the word ‘sit’, train its movements by moving the treat towards and away from it accordingly. When it is at resting position, give the command ‘sit’ and feed the treat. Repeat a fair number of times.

leash - Trouble training your pup? These 4 tricks of the trade may just help you

Get him used to the leash

The first time you train your dog to walk on a leash is not going to be pretty. The tightness the dog experiences when it pulls against the leash will take some getting used to. A way to begin the training is to use a “loose leash” approach. The generous use of treats in this process will provide a helping hand too.

Listen to your dog too!

We often disregard our dog’s reactions to a strict regimen. While dogs exemplify loyalty, you cannot entirely neglect its temperament. Some breeds such as Labrador retrievers have a tough temperament which they aren’t afraid to show at the start. Pay attention to this aspect, and try to adapt your training accordingly. That way, your dog learns to adapt to your methods much more efficiently.

Convinced enough? Well, you have to try these first to find out the regimen that works perfectly for your case. Let us know your feedback, and any tweaks you would make to these processes.

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Bully Stick Reviews & 4 Other Must-Have Dog Products

dalmatian dog

As a pet daycare facility, we have our own favorites when it comes to products. These could be products for diet, fitness, grooming or otherwise. With no pressure to use a specific brand or company for taking care of your pets, we are at full liberty to select those that are the most beneficial to your pets.

We have been in this area for 25 years. During those years, we have tried many different brands to maintain the quality of our service. This has also ensured that we gain the expertise required to recommend to our clients some of these products that have served us very well.

In this post, we will focus on dogs. If you simply browse through Amazon catalogs or go to your nearest Walmart, you will notice an abundance of products catered to dogs. Often, the sheer variety would confuse you. We would like to do our part in making some choices easier for you. Note that we are only going to concentrate on essential products and not glossy accessories.

Pawstruck Bully Sticks

Pawstruck is a brand that makes bully sticks made in USA. They are a favorite online and a great option if you’re looking for a source. They’re full of protein, low in fat, and 100% all-natural. You really can’t go wrong. Check out Pawstruck to see all of the bully sticks reviews.

BarkShop cooling mat

BarkShop is an online retailer for dog supplies and accessories. The cooling mat is a great way to cool your dog’s internal system when it is taking a nap or simply resting. Dogs are often used to cooler temperatures and find it hard to exist in a highly humid and tropical climate. If you live in such a surrounding, this product can come in handy

Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

During the early stages of raising a pet, you have to train your pet not to urinate or defecate in public areas. This, however, is a long and arduous process. During the process, your pet is likely to “break the rule”. Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover helps in removing the stain from your carpet, and additionally to discharge the unpleasant odor associated with such stains.

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

If you live in cities or towns with extreme temperatures, and often have icy or hot pavements in the streets, taking your dog out for a walk is going to be tricky. Many breeds have sensitive skin and paws which despise such streets. These water resistant shows are comfortable enough to fit on the paws in addition to protecting paws from such pavements.

FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling

Let’s say you are on the go with your dog, enjoying a beautiful stroll in an empty and green street. Suddenly it starts raining cats and dogs. Lashing in fact. If you had packed your FurryFido reversible pet sling with you, you can simply hoist your dog to the sling and wear it around you similar to how you would a shoulder bag. Extremely convenient and recommended especially in case you have smaller and lightweight breeds.

If these products work for you, be sure to drop us a note. We want to ensure that you use only products of the highest quality and benefit.

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