4 essential cat products that your furry feline can’t live without

cat in couch - 4 essential cat products that your furry feline can’t live without

If I asked you which is the species that needs a heavy meat diet to survive, or in other words the ultimate predator, you probably wouldn’t think of a cat. The tiny feline lying around in your household doesn’t give the impression of a serial predator. And yet it is.

Cats may be small, but they require a very specific environment to thrive. Even small things, like say the amount of animal protein in their diet, needs to be correctly measured and given so as to maintain their normal conditioning. This responsibility falls of course on the owner.

Considering the complexity involved in keeping and raising the cute and furry feline, we would like to list a series of products that covers aspects such as diet, grooming and fitness. Having personally tested these products, we are in a great position to advertise them to you.

Mini Cat playground from Catsplay

I know what you’re thinking, those things just never want to move, let alone exercise! While you cannot change their basic nature, you can be creative. Why not make exercise fun for your friend. The guys at catsplay have come up with some unique furniture set ups that appeal to your cats. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

cateating - 4 essential cat products that your furry feline can’t live without

Science Diet Wet Kitten food

It is fair to say that we like the brand Science Diet. We had recommended to you one of their product categories in our post pertaining to dog supplies. The formula present in their wet kitten food contains over 50 different nutrients, including all the protein types essential in building lean muscle. The formula comes in different flavors such as Chunks and Gravy, and Minced Salmon.

Nechichi’s Carrier on the go

A carrier is always useful when you want to take your feline friend out to enjoy the fresh air. Unlike dogs, these furry ones don’t like to be walked. That calls for something else. Necoichi’s foldable ultra-light carrier is both comfortable and priced for value. I’m sure your cat would agree once it gets into the cosy interior of the product.

cat bath - 4 essential cat products that your furry feline can’t live without

Farnam Bio Guard shampoo

When it comes to grooming products, the issue of skin sensitivity looms above anything else. Different animals have different levels of tolerance when it comes to off-the-shelf chemicals that are largely present in grooming products. This particular brand of shampoo is simplistic in terms of functionality, non-irritating and serves the additional purpose of not washing off any medication present in your pet.


*Note: if you have a dog too, look no further than bully sticks for dogs.

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