2 tricks you can use to get your cat to exercise on a daily basis

cat trick - 2 tricks you can use to get your cat to exercise on a daily basis

Cat owners often face the same conundrum. How do you keep a creature that has absolutely no interest in doing anything physical active? While it’s all good and dandy that you get to pet and cuddle the cute little thing, that alone doesn’t really help to keep your cat healthy and happy.

We personally know a few people who went on to have dogs in their household purely for this reason. The great thing about dogs is their yearning for physical activity. They love to run around and play, which provides a good excuse even for the owner to exert himself or herself physically. All in all, it is a win-win for both parties involved in terms of physical activity.

But then there should be a similar option for cats too. It cannot be that they simply refuse to engage in any physical activities. That would be inherently self-destructive in nature, and goes against the basic survival instinct present in every creature. But what in the world are these activities?

In today’s climate, when obesity in pets is becoming an increasingly worrying issue, we want to empower cat owners to ensure their feline stays healthy and happy. In order to do that, we have put together a few methods that you can utilize. Now, it is important to note that the owner needs to be involved in these methods as well. It is not like throwing a ball at a dog and letting it just get on with it. Cats require a bit more of effort and attention.

cat and yarn - 2 tricks you can use to get your cat to exercise on a daily basis

The yarn of string

Cats have a weird sense of attraction when they see a yarn of string on the floor. It is almost as if the very presence of it annoys them, and they have to untangle it. A game that you can employ is to take one end of the yarn and move it across the room as if it were a snake. You would observe that this will perk your cat right up.

cat tower - 2 tricks you can use to get your cat to exercise on a daily basis

Building a cat tower

You would have seen an example of this type of furniture in an earlier post. Cat towers or playgrounds are designed such that they stir up interest in cats. Such towers are fun, engaging and a good source of workout. One way to entice your cat to do this is to put a bait at the top of the tower. That way, your cat has all the motivation it needs.

We often employ such tactics within our facility when we take care of cats. The string and tower examples have been tried and tested repeatedly. With each passing day, it gets simpler to entice the cat to engage in such activities.

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