3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

dogsitter - 3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

A city like New York City is a great place to start a business. The median salary is among the highest in the United States, save for San Francisco. Disposable income levels are high, and people like to spend significant amounts.

To start a business in a place like NYC, it is important to recognize the key need / problem facing people here. And that is a critical lack of time. Time is the main inhibitor that forces a lot of people to make difficult choices in life. It is the reason why people who are willing to lend their time to help our fellow New Yorkers often enjoy lucrative and profitable businesses.

Key examples of these include babysitting and elderly care services. Family is often secondary to work in NYC. Yet another such lucrative business opportunity is pet sitting. While people don’t have the luxury of time, they do like having pets. Most states in the country have ownership rates of up to 70% per capita.

Those of you who enjoy spare time during working hours and have a generic love towards animals can easily set up an establishment that offers pet care services. Then the question becomes, what does it take to start your own pet sitting service? As an expert in this industry for over 25 years, we would like to offer a small piece of our mind.

sit train - 3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

The right training

Professional pet sitting involves training. Though the right training, you get an idea of how to train, feed and take care of pets, especially when there are injuries involved. Your clients demand that you are trained appropriately. At Woof Pet Sitting, we offer this training to you over a 3-day period, priced affordably.

The first client

The first client is always the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur. That moment when you don’t have any credibility in terms of experience, you need to get out of your comfort zone to convince someone to take a leap of faith with you. While word-of-mouth marketing is often the best way, social media plays a major role.

nmetality - 3 aspects that professional pet sitters need to be successful

The mentality

At the end of the day, mentality is key. Pet sitting is a tedious task, and not as fun as others make it to be. You need to have immense levels of patience. Cuteness can only be so appealing. Beyond that, you need to enforce discipline, everything while demanding loyalty from pets.

If we have managed to irk your interest, get in touch with us. You can find our contact address here. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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