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Woof Pet Sitting offers pet daycare services for pet owners in New York City. With NYC being one of the busiest cities in the world, people barely have time for themselves, let alone their pets. It is often a concern that puts people away from buying or adopting pets in the first place.

With over 25 years’ experience in daycare, nutrition and fitness, Woof Pet Sitting caters to all needs and desires of your pet on a daily basis. Our emphasis is on providing the highest quality service to you and your pet. On this regard, we even recommend products and services designed to help your everyday life.

While our core business is our daycare service, we have realized here at Woof Pet Sitting that that alone isn’t enough for any modern service provider today. As a result, we create content on a periodic basis and maintain this blog to provide help and advice to our clients. After all, your pet is with us for only a few hours of the day.

Today, Woof enjoys a recurring clientele of 2500+ in addition to seasonal clientele of 5000+. Our seasonal clients engage us during summer when people often travel abroad. We hope to build on our portfolio further.